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  • Juniors

    bigpicGolf is also a fantastic sport for children, especially primary school age groups, golf can have a very positive effect on children of this age and their development as a person, it:
    -Places a strong emphasis on life skills such as honesty, respect,cooperation and leadership.
    -Supports children to achieve their personal best.
    -Encourages children to develop an understanding between right and wrong.
    -Provides opportunities for children to apply their numeracy and literacy skills in P.E.
    In addition, golf as a physical education activity:
    -Places strong emphasis on standards and good behaviour.
    -Does not necessarily require athletic ability so can be used to engage with semi-sporty or non-sporty children.
    -Enables children of mixed abilities to easily participate together.
    The primary school physical education will benefit from golf because children will:
    -Learn how to implement and develop a range of physical literacy skills such as multi-skill technique, object control and stability.
    -Play competitive games using modified equipment.
    -Help teachers support pupil progression through materials and guidance.
    -Enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other.
    -Be supported to achieve their potential.

    Golf really is a game for all!